About Me!

I have loved the process of creating since I was very young. My mom and my aunt taught me crochet when I was nine. Later I learned sewing, needlepoint, embroidery, papier mache, glass work, ceramics and recently painting and collage. I began my journey in the art business in 1996 after a ceramic workshop. The most important thing I learned in that workshop was that I could transform a piece of clay into almost anything I wanted. I took some of my first projects to a lovely store in my home town, and my life made a 180 degree turn. I went from an Industrial Engineer and professor of management to a creative life in ceramics. For almost fifteen years I worked as a professor of management and engineering courses and ceramic artist. Now I am dedicated to my passion in art. After some drawing and painting courses I have become a mixed media artist as well. I love this new big step in my life but most of all I have discovered I am a Product Designer.

My work is sold in very important stores in Puerto Rico. My designs are inspired by a true passion for nature and family life. My work in ceramic is hand built with clay slabs, fired to a very high temperature, painted with slips, stains, under-glazes and glazes and fired again to a very high temperature. My creations adorn many homes in Puerto Rico and around the world in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, the United States, Hungary, India, and Italy, among others.

I have a very big family with seven sisters and five brothers and also blessed with three sons: Gabriel, Cristian, and Víctor André; a lovely grandson, Javier André and two adorable granddaughters, Aliany and Anaia; two great daughters in law, Anyelis and Sheynel.

Thanks for visiting and “Enjoy the Ride”

Elizabeth GLZ