Ceramic Flower Bowl

E-Course 1: Creating Ceramics with Clay Slabs

A Fun, Easy and Productive way to Create, Reproduce and Sell

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E-Course 2-Creating and Selling Multiple Products using your Original Mixed Media-Photo-Painting-Drawing

Creating, Producing and Selling Multiple Products
using an original printable art

Enjoy The Ride

This course is about the process and the possibilities creating different products from a printable original art. I will share my experience making a transition from ceramic to mixed media, the product development process, inspiration, the ceramic influence in my mixed media and the unlimited possibilities with equipment for making tiles, t-shirts, mouse pads, puzzles, switch plates, pillows, bags, wall key holders and more. Step by step instructions with videos and all information will be included. In addition, I will share the business aspects I have learned about how to sell them in stores.

This module can be completed in 5 weeks or less.

When and How Much?

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